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For years battery maintenance has been an issue.  Forklift users fail to remember when to water the battery leading to dry cells or acid overflows.  Without proper care batteries never last their full cycle life potential.  Furthermore, lack of Personal Protection Equipment violates OSHA rules and exposes Operators to unnecessary safety risks creating another unwanted situation.  All these problems benefit the battery OEM’s giving them higher parts and service revenue and greater replacement battery volume.  But for the end user it means headaches and money lost. 


Today there’s a better option, Spectre’s Charger controlled Automatic Watering.  The days of PM Technicians adding 10 gallons of water to a dried-out battery are over.  With Automated Watering the Operators and Management no longer need to worry if the watering was completed and at the right time.  By tracking the time and day the Charger knows exactly when you want the Equalization done and the water level topped off.  Now the Operator’s only concern is plugging in the battery to be charged and our Charger handles it from there.


But what if you want the charger to apply the equalization and water at 2:00am on Sunday morning but the Operator failed to plug it in on Friday when they left? 

No worries, the system will automatically recognize it missed its equalization and watering and will then apply it on the next available charge ensuring it’s never truly missed.  

Okay, but let’s assume the water is shut off and nobody notices. Will my batteries go dry without anyone noticing? 

Nope, we’ve got you covered again.  Equipped with an electrolyte sensor the battery communicates directly to the Charger each time it’s connected.  If the water level is low the battery instantly notifies the Operator through the Charger’s display. The display shows the battery is “Low on Water” so the Operator knows the water is shutoff. 

What is if my customer doesn’t have a water line nearby? 

That’s not a problem! With our setup there’s many possible solutions.  The low-pressure system can run with water through a hose or low-pressure tubing that is easy to install, cost effective and safe.  If a direct water hookup is not an option, we recommend a simple gravity tank and fill cart.  This way you’re PM technician can fill the tank once every PM ensuring the customer doesn’t have to worry about it and the infrastructure costs are completely mitigated. 

So how do we get started? 

Simple, just give us a call at 440-665-2600 and we’ll work with you to price and quote this system for you next deal. 


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